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Product ID SK395-FULL
Product Name Autel MaxiIM IM608 II All-In-One Key Programming Tool
Product Price USD3350
Actual Weight (Kg) 11
Volumetric Weight (Kg) 11
Package Size (cm) 66*19*44
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Name: Autel MaxiIM IM608 II All-In-One Key Programming Tool
Autel IM608 II is the most advanced key programming tool that combines the powerful IMMO and programming functions with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one tablet. It can read the immobilizer pins and password directly from the vehicle and store this information to use later when learning the newly programmed keys to the vehicle.
Software Update: one year free update online (USD795/year for further update)
Supported Languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Arabic, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Thai...
(Both of Diagnose Software and IMMO Software support multi-languages. Default language is English, you can choose other language.)
1. Autel MaxiIM IM608 II = Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO II
2. No IP Limitation: You can use it all around the world without limitation.
3. Autel MaxiIM IM608 II is upgraded version of Autel IM608 and IM608 PRO with the latest powerful hardware configuration(Android 10 OS + larger RAM and ROM + new JVCI+ VCI).
4. Autel MaxiIM IM608 II added bulit-in DoIP and CAN FD protocol (don’t need converter).
5. Smart Mode and Expert Mode Solution in one tool for easy operation with Ambient Light Sensor – detects ambient brightness.
6. Works for 85% cars in the wordwide, include BMW, Benz, VW, Audi etc. It makes your work simple and easier, best Choice for locksmith and workshop.
7. Extended to work with Autel MaxiVideo MV108 / MV105 allowing you to examine difficult-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight. It is capable of recording digital still images and videos, which offers you an economical solution to inspect machinery, facilities, and infrastructure safely and quickly
8. Supports Remote Expert function.
1. IMMO Functions
Auto Detect Make/Model/Year/System
Read PIN (All Key Lost)
Key Learning
IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding
Remote Learning
Audi Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017 Key Learning
VW MQB Key Learning
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption
BMW CAS4 Key Learning and Adaption
Mercedes Key Learning
2015-2018 Land Rover & Jaguar write key via dump
Volvo Smart Key Learning/knob-style smart key
Advanced Programming Functions
EEPROM Read/Write
MCU Read/Write
Key Programming
Mercedes Key Read/Write
Remote Frequency Detect
OE-Level Diagnoses
2. Advanced Key Programming Functions:
Exclusive Smart Mode to guide Key Programming
Auto Read IMMO Data via OBD
One-Tap Key Programming via OBD & Easy-To-Use Remote Programming
With the newly upgraded key programmer Autel XP400 Pro
Extensive Vehicle & Functionality Coverage
Support Diagnostics & IMMO Programming for 10,000+ Models
Support models up to 2020
All System Diagnostics and Advanced Maintenance Services
Benz - 3rd Generation IMMO CAN-Line / K-Line Add Key, All Key Lost via OBD
BMW - Support EWS3/4 CAS 1/2/3/4, FEM/BDC Add Key / All Key Lost
Volkswagen / Audi -- Add Key / All Key Lost via OBD for 2013 - 2020 Models
GM - Read IMMO Password, Add Key / All Key Lost up to 2020
Ford - Add Key / All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
Mazda - Add Key / All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
FCA - Read IMMO Password, Add Key / All Key Lost up to 2020
Renault - Add Key / All Key Lost (No PIN Needed) up to 2020
Jaguar Land Rover -- Add Key / All Key Lost up to 2019
Volvo - Semi-smart Key Learning via OBD up to 2018; Smart / Blade / Fobik Key Learning via dump
3. All System Diagnostics & Advanced Service Functions (Work with Autel MaxiFlash JVCI (J2534 ECU Reprogrammer)
Oil Service Reset
Parking Brake Pad Relearn After Replacement
Steering Angle Sensor Relearn
Battery Registration and Reset
Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Active Test
ECU Coding
VW/Audi Component Protection
Complete Service Functions
XP400 Pro Adds Support for Following Chips:
EEPROM-->AMD-->AM29FXXX series chip
EEPROM--> FUJITSU-->MB29FXXX series chip
EEPROM-->ST-->M29FXXX series chip
Engine control module-->SIMTEC76(AM29F800BB) write
IMMO-->BENZ-->ESL_W209_W906 (Motorola) read/write/erase function
IMMO-->BMW-->EWS3 module read/write function
REMOTE_RENEW(renew key)-->NEC-->V51 and V5 chip read/write/erase
XP400 Pro Adds Support for Following Adapter Boards:
APB113 PCF79XX Adapter Board
APB114 EWS3 Adapter Board
APB115 NEC Adapter Board
APB118 NEC ELV Adapter Board
APB119 TB28FXXX Adapter Board
APB120 TMS370 Adapter Board
APB121 AM29FXXX Adapter Board
APB122 AM29FXXX Adapter Board 1
APB123 AM29FXXX Adapter Board 2
APB126 M35080/D80 Adapter Board
APB127 MC68HC0(7)05BXX Adapter Board
APB128 MC68HC05X32 Adapter Board

1. Supports over 10 key unlock types.
2. Enhance IMMO Functions for BENZ/ BMW / Audi/ VW, etc.
3. Enables to read / write / erase on Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 data.
4. Enables Mercedes Benz OE NEC key learning.
5. Enables BMW EWS3 key learning.
6. Enables Volkswagen / Audi / BMW / Mercedes Benz key unlock.
1. Smart key simulator.
2. Compatible with Autel MaxiIM IM608, IM508, and MX808IM.
3. 46, 4D data collection.
4. 46 smart key password calculation.
5. 46 chip simulation.
8. Toyota 4D (94/ D4, 98) smart key simulation.
9. Toyota H (88/ A8, A9, 39) smart key simulation.
10. Collects data from the ignition coil.
11. Identify ignition coil troubles.
12. Decode vehicle key chip data.
13. Simulate vehicle key chip (ex - 4D chip).
14. Must be used with an Autel diagnostic tool.
15. Toyota / Lexus smart key all key lost.
16. Chip decoding (Hyundai 46).
1. Supports Mercedes Benz All Key Lost, faster calculate password.
2. Supports Autel MaxiIM IM608 or IM508 with XP400.
3. Used for faster Mercedes ECU data and EIS password calculation.
4. Mercedes DAS3 can EIS/EZS All Keys Lost.
5. Reduces reading time of W204 ECU data & W207 EIS by over 85%.
6. No need to remove and reinsert the key for W221 & W164 after 2009 models.
1. No Holden software supported.
2. J2534 Autel MaxiFlash ECU Programmer ca not support ECU Online Programming for Benz and BMW. It can not program ECU with Autel IM608.
3. Please do not connect Autel XP400 PRO to vehicles directly, otherwise Autel XP400 PRO will be damaged and you have to send back for repairing.
4. Service / Special Functions are NOT universally compatible. Please send us VIN number and the functions you want to check compatibility before purchase.
Package List:
Autel IM608 II Tablet
XP400 Pro Key Programmer
JVCI+ ECU Reprogrammer
Main Cable
Cigarette Lighter Power Cable
USB Cable (2m)
Mini USB Cable
USB to Ethernet Adapter
Connect Cable
APA002 (EEPROM Socket)
APA101 (Signal Cable)
APA103 (EEPROM Clamp)
APA107 (ECU Clamp)
APA108 (MCU Clamp)
APA109 (MC9S12 Clamp)
APB106 (MCU_FQFP112)
APB107 (MCU_FQFP144)
APB108 (MCU_FQFP176)
APB125 (Mercedes Infrared Collector)
APB129 (EEPROM Adapter)
APC101 (USB Cable)
AC/DC Adapter (12V)
OTOFIX Smart Key Watch (2 pcs)
Quick Start Guide
Packing List
Plastic Toolbox
Packing Box

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