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  OBDSOS PRODUCTS Car Universal Diagnostic Tool XTool
Product ID SP459
Product Name XTool A80 Pro Master with J2534 ECU Programmer and Online ECU Coding
Product Price USD1500
Actual Weight (Kg) 7.5
Volumetric Weight (Kg) 6
Package Size (cm) 52*36*16
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Name: XTool A80 Pro Master with J2534 ECU Programmer and Online ECU Coding
XTool A80 Pro Master has powerful quad-core 1.8GHz processor, 8 inch display with 1024*768 resolution, Android 5.1.1 based OS, 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM memory, 8MP camera, built-in speaker & microphone, 10,000mAh built-in battery that lasts up to 10 hours of continuous use. 
XTool A80 Pro Master includes J-2534 Programmer to work with OEM software and a complete connector/adapter cable kit.  
With the ultimate hardware configurations, XTool A80 Pro Master is an ideal choice for auto technicians and mechanics.
Software Update: 3 years free online update
Supported Languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese
(Note: Please provide device serial number if you want to change language.)
1. J-2534 ECU Programming: 
Program new ECUs or reflash modules after replacement for BMW, Benz, VW.
2. Advanced ECU Coding:
To Flash Hidden Functions, Customize Car Settings, Online Coding, Online Calibration, Online Parameterization, Programmable Module Installation(PMI), Perform Components Matching, Reinforce Vehicle Performance.
3. 35+ Special Functions: 
24 Service Options under “Common Services”, plus additional resets & relearns under “Diagnosis” menu, to meet routine auto maintenance services tasks.
4. OE Full Diagnostics: 
Complete capabilities for Codes, Live Data, Freeze Frame, Active Tests, ECU Information.
5. Bi-Directional Control: 
Control various car components and subsystems to perform active tests like EVAP Test, Idle Relearn, etc.
6. 88+ Brands Coverage: 
Works on 88+ American, European and Asian brands to perform diagnostics.
7. Works with XV100 Inspection Camera(not included): 
Works with XV100 Digital Inspection Camera to inspect hard-to-reach vehicle spots.
8. Works with Key Programmers KC501(not included): 
Works with KC501 Key Programmer, KC501+KS-1 Key Programmers to perform advanced IMMO & key programming functions for auto locksmith. 
9. Wireless BT Connection: 
Connects and communicates with vehicles remotely through wireless BT connection.
10. Auto VIN & Auto Scan: 
Automatically detects and decodes the vehicle VIN number for comprehensive all systems scan for quick diagnostics.
11. Dual WiFi Frequency: 
Connects with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi.
1. ECU Programming
XTool A80 Pro Master automotive diagnostic tablet has the capability to program new ECUs or reflash old modules like ECM, PCM, BCM and etc after replacement for Benz, for BMW, for VW models to solve issues like drivability, power loss, fuel efficiency and fault codes. Note: This tool does not program all modules on all models.(offline ECU programmer for VW/Ford/Porshce/Toyota/Subaru/Honda/GM/Opel/Volvo
2. Advanced ECU Coding
XTool A80 Pro Master automotive diagnostic computer has the capability to perform advanced ECU Coding functions to flash hidden functions to personalize car settings, perform component matching to enhance vehicle performance. Note: ECU Coding works on specific modules on some models only.
3. Active Test(Bi-Directional Control)
The process of sending and retrieving information from a vehicle control module with a device is known as Actuation test or bi-directional control. The main aim of the actuation test function is to request the control module to perform a specific function including system tests, actuator tests, functional tests, inspection tests, reprogramming or reinitialization, thus saving diagnostic time.
You connect a fuel pressure gauge, cycled the key and cranked the engine but you couldn’t figure out anything regarding the fuel pressure. With the actuation test function of this diagnostic tool, you can send a fuel pump command on instruction and see the proper fuel pressure, figuring out if there is a problem with the fuel pump circuit or pump.
4. Full Diagnostic Functions
XTool A80 Pro professional diagnostic tool comes with wireless connection to connect and communicate with the vehicle ECUs remotely via Bluetooth, enable auto technicians, diagnostic tech, automotive engineers or DIY engineers to scan all available vehicle modules to perform in-depth diagnostics to read and clear codes, display live data stream of various sensors, retrieve freeze frame data and ECU information, perform active tests to pinpoint the fault locations efficiently.
Supported Systems:
ABS System, Engine System, SAS System, TPMS System, IMMO System, Battery System, Oil Service System, SRS System, DPF System, Air Conditioning System, Transmission System...
1). Read Codes: Displays detailed information of DTC records retrieved from the vehicle control module.
2). Erase Codes: Erases DTC records and other data from the ECM.
3). Live Data: Retrieve Live Data in text or graph like Misfire Data, Engine RPM, Transmission Oil Temperature, Mass Air Flow Sensor Data, Cylinder Balance Rates, Fuel Pressure, Actual Fuel Temperature VS Desired Fuel Temperature and etc.
4). Free Frame: Retrieve Freeze Frame from the ECUs to show the parameters when a DTC is recorded.
5). ECU Information: Retrieve ECU Information of unit type, version number, and other specifications and etc.
5. Key Programming
XTool A80 Pro Master can works as professional key programmer for Mechanical keys and smart keys, for key lost and all key lost.
1). Add Transponder / Smart Key / Remote Learning
2). Read Pin Code
3). Program New Fob Keys
4). Add Keys, All Key Lost, Disable Lost Keys and Generate Keys
5). Reset ECM & Reset Immobilizer
6. 35+ Services & Resets & Relearns & Matchings & Adaptations & Initialization
XTool A80 Pro Master car diagnostic tablet comes with 24 service options under “Common Service” menu and various resets & relearns functions under “Diagnosis” menu, to perform almost all auto maintenance service tasks that a workshop, garage, auto repair shop or car dealers would ever need for day-to-day work. 
It includes Oil Reset, EPB Reset, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, Battery Replacement, Throttle Relearn, Key Programming, Injector Coding, ABS Bleed, ABS Initialization, Window Initialization, Suspension Calibration, TPMS Reset, Gearbox Match, Tooth Learning/Crankshaft Position Variation Learn, VGT Learn, Idle Relearn, Headlight Adjustment, Zero Point Calibration, Seat Calibrations, and etc.
1). Oil Reset Close the oil service light and reset service mileage & service interval after replacing the engine oil.
2). Throttle Relearn: Allows to reset the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations, helps keep your idling and acceleration smooth.
3). ABS Bleeding: Get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion.
4). Key Programming/Immobilizer: Allows to disable a lost vehicle key to protect the vehicle from being stolen and add the new key.
5). EPB(Electronic Parking Brake) Reset: Reset the new electronic parking brake for braking wheels safely again.
6). DPF Regeneration: Allows to clear PM from the DPF filter through oxidation or combustion to stabilize the filter performance.
7). Injector Coding: Allows to write a new code to the ECU for accurate communication and injection control. After the ECU or injector is replaced, the cylinder can better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.
8). SAS Calibration: Allow to clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, perform reset steering angle sensor, and turn off steering wheel warning light.
9). Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset: Relearn TPMS sensors so that new sensors can be recognized by ECU.
10). BMS Reset: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.
11). Gearbox Match: Matching the gearbox/transmission after replacement.
12). DIY Mode: Programmer Hidden Functions (high configuration hidden function) and Windows Calibration, Seats Calibration.
Other Special Functions include Headlight Adjustment, Airbag Reset, Tire Reset, Language Change, Suspension Calibration, ABS Initialization, Seat Calibrations, Transport Mode, Tire Upgrade, Tooth Learning, A/F Reset, Coolant Bleed, Transport Mode...
Note: Special Functions may vary depends on exact model.
7. Auto VIN + Auto Scan + Manual Selection
1). Auto VIN Scan
XTool D8 diagnostic system features the latest VIN-Based Auto VIN Scan function to identify vehicles and scan all the diagnosable ECUs and run diagnostics on the selected system. This function is compatible with 2006 and newer vehicles.
2). Manual VIN Input:
For vehicles not supporting the Auto VIN Scan function, you may manually enter the vehicle VIN.
3). Automatic Selection:
The Auto VIN Scan can be selected after selecting the test vehicle manufacturer.
4). Manual Selection:
When the vehicle VIN is not automatically retrievable through the vehicle ECU, or the specific VIN is unknown, the vehicle can be manually selected.
8. Ultra Compatibility with Add-Ons to Extend Capabilities
As an advanced diagnostic scanner, XTool A80 Pro Master can works with Add-Ons like XV100 Digital Inspection Camera to perform inspection on hard-to-reach spots like engine cylinders, works with KC-501 Key Programmer or KC-501+KS-1 Key Programmer Set to perform comprehensive IMMO functions and advanced key programming & key chip programming functions and turn it into a tool for auto locksmith.
1). Works with KC-501 + M821 Adapter to perform the All-Keys-Lost functions for Benz Cars
2). Works with KC-501 + M822 Adapter to perform the Toyota 8A Chip Smart Key
9. Diagnostic Report Share and Print
XTool A80Pro Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Tool has data logging feature that enables you to generate and upload data logging to XTool server for analysis and and get feedback from XTool engineers when the issue was resolved. And before and after each diagnostic sessions, you can generate diagnostic report, print the report out and share it with customers, which is especially useful for auto repair shops and car dealers.
10. Remote Technical Support
A80 Pro Master provides online technical support, once get any problems, please contact the serve with quick help, users can receive a remote support from XTool technical engineers, colleagues, friends via the Team Viewer.
11. Bluetooth Communication
10 meter Bluetooth VCI working range make wireless diagnosis more easy.
Operation System: Android 5.1.1
CPU: quad-core 1.8GHz
Display: 8-inch
Resolution: 1024*768
Camera: 8.0 mega pixel
Communication: WiFi / Bluetooth
Battery Capacity: 10,000mAh
Packing List:
XTool A80 Pro
XTool VCI+
OBD2-16 Adapter
BMW-20 Adapter
Fiat-3 Adapter
Haima-17+2 Adapter
Honda-3 Adapter
Kia-20 Adapter
Kia / Hyundai-10 Adapter
Mitsubishi 12+16 Adapter
QingLing-3 Adapter
Toyota-17 Adapter
Main Cable
OBD2+USB Cable
DB9 to USB 3.0 Cable
Universal-3 Cable
Battery Power Clips Cable
Cigar Lighter Cable
USB Cable
Power Charger 
Power Charger Cable US Plug
User Manual
Packing List
Plastic Toolbox
Packing Box

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